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edina2.jpg (2946 bytes)    My name is Piroska Edina Gotz. I am from Pecs, one of the largest cities of Hungary. Although I am a double major in English and German at my home university,  Janus Pannonius University, in Pecs, I am also currently enrolled as an English major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the United States. I will be graduating from IUP in August 1998. I came to IUP through the exchange program between my home university and its American partner university in fall 1996.

    I am primarily interested in foreign languages; I speak and write English, German, and Spanish fluently. I also like travelling, dancing, making friends, and being with my family. I love my family; they play a very important role in my life. To see some photos of my country as well as of my family, visit my Picture Gallery


grad.jpg (86992 bytes)

My graduation from IUP

May 16, 1998


grad2.tif (269950 bytes)

After the graduation ceremony


campus.jpg (119373 bytes)

The campus of IUP


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With Santiago, after receiving our diplomas

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