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Picture Gallery  III

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On Shell Island in the Mexican Gulf


sealion.jpg (17443 bytes)

Gulf World in Panama City Beach, Florida  


dolphin.jpg (17117 bytes)

Dolphin show


dolphinjump.jpg (110705 bytes)

Dolphin performing a jump


twodolphins.jpg (141536 bytes)

Dolphins taking a break


sealionkiss.jpg (148276 bytes)

A sealion's kiss


sealionpose.jpg (141916 bytes)

Sealion posing for the audience


giraffe.jpg (28468 bytes)

The Zoo in Panama City


boat.jpg (14216 bytes)

Having fun in Panama City


   coast.jpg (117691 bytes)  

On the beach...


minigolf.jpg (13821 bytes)

Playing mini golf


flsunset.jpg (103977 bytes)

A beautiful Florida sunset


flsunset2.jpg (119348 bytes)

Another gorgeous sunset on Panama City Beach


babu.jpg (17233 bytes)

Santiago's visit to Pittsburgh


disney.jpg (14199 bytes)

     Exploring the Disney Store in New York City


NYC.jpg (14169 bytes)

Within the head of the Statue of Liberty in N.Y.C.


santicanada.jpg (83637 bytes)

Santiago in Quebec, Canada


kennywood.jpg (127430 bytes)

A hilarious trip to the amusement park of Kennywood, PA


kennywood2.jpg (164494 bytes)

Spring blossom in Kennywood


italy.tif (284614 bytes)

My trip to Southern Italy in summer 1993

That's the Vesuve in the background!!!



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